We had a great opportunity to be involved in the construction of these playhouses. Its a local company Charmed Playhouses based out of Lethbridge that just started and we did all the painting for these two structures. We spent a lot of time making sure they were done just right for the unveiling and kickstart of the company. We are excited for the chance to work with them more in the future.

I think that when it comes to painting most people look at it as a major renovation to their home. When in reality it is the easiest thing you could do to a room/home to give it a completely different feel/look. We want people to think colour and to let more colour into their lives. It was amazing how many people just loved these playhouses and were just wishing that they could have one for themselves or for their families. The fun thing with paint is that you could bring the same playful look/feeling to a room by adding some colour to it.

So my challenge is this. ADD MORE COLOUR INTO YOUR LIFE!!

It will do wonders to your attitude/energy.

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